In line with the EU Victims Directive 2012/29/EU, the Ministry of Justice Action Plan 2017* and the UK Victims Code of Practice; we commit to giving primary consideration to the interests and needs of the victim and ensuring the victim has sufficient knowledge in order to make an informed choice to participate in the RJ process.  Our focus is on high quality RJ delivered by trained facilitators, locally within all 32 London boroughs.

R:L seeks to increase the knowledge, access and take up of restorative interventions across London by increasing co-ordination, consistency and 'victim focus' for existing RJ provision.

Our model enables victims to access the service at any stage of the Criminal Justice process, at a time in their life journey that suits them.

User research was conducted in support of this project, and Londoners told us:

  • 31% have never heard of RJ

  • 85% of victims have never been offered RJ and

  • 70% of these would like to be offered RJ

  • Londoners told us they would like this offer at any point in the Criminal Justice process, by a single point of contact and someone they trust.

A restorative experience can positively impact the health and wellbeing of victims (i.e. capacity to 'cope and recover'); as well as reducing the fear of crime and re-victimisation. We value justice that focuses on repairing harm done with and for those directly impacted by the crime.