Feeling safe in the workplace

By facilitating a session where the harmer could apologise, we helped a London Pub Manager felt safe at work again. 

The Offence:

In April 2017 a woman in her twenties was arrested for the offence of common assault following at altercation with the manager of the pub near Cannon Street Station.

The harmer had some after work drinks with work colleagues. She left colleagues and made her way to the station, but when her train was cancelled she decided to go to a nearby pub.

She had already consumed a large amount of alcohol when the pub manager started to observe her behaviour. The manager refused to serve the harmer anymore alcohol and asked her to leave the premises. The harmer became aggressive and used abusive language towards both the security and the manager.

While leaving the premises, the harmer pushed the security guard and slapped the manager with the back of her hand across her face. This lead to the harmer being arrested and detained by British Transport Police.

Indirect Facilitation:

The harmer was remorseful upon reflection of what she had done. She agreed to take part in the restorative justice process and apologise to the harmed by letter. After having a meeting with restorative justice facilitators she decided it might be more appropriate to apologise face to face, especially as she had limited recollection of the events of the evening she was arrested.

A meeting took place with the harmed who gave her account of what happened on the evening of the assault. She expressed how she felt when she was assaulted, then explained that since the offence, she had considered transferring or leaving her job. She has had difficulty trying to forget the incident or find closure. The harmed also mentioned the she could not tell her husband about the assault through fear that he is protective of her and would ask her to leave her job.

The harmed agreed to engage with the harmer. After careful planning and liaising between both parties we arranged a facilitated face to face meeting.

Facilitated Meeting:

The meeting took place at a British Transport Police office. The harmer expressed remorse and started off the meeting by accepting responsibility for her actions and explained what she recalls happened on that day. She explained that her actions were totally out of character and described what action she has taken to prevent anything like this happening again.

The harmed accepted the harmer’s apology and described the actions and abusive language that was used by the harmer on that day. She explained the affects the assault had on her and that she had no right to assault her, in the many years of working as a Pub Manager she had never been assaulted like that before which made her feel angry.


The harmer sincerely apologised for her actions and ensured the harmed this would not happen again. It was agreed the harmer would refrain from going into the pub where the harmed works. Both parties were happy to have taken part in the restorative justice process.